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M1 XA Particulate cleaning machines

Particle on Vehicle for the first time in the world
Developed the Cleaning Device.
Our machines
It is produced manually and triptonically.
Contact Us M1 XA
Particle Cleaning Machines.
Cleaning of all diesel catalyst particulate filters
The only Machine that cleans without dismantling anything on the vehicle
If you want to be an Authorized Service.
More information. 

00905322179467  + 00902124421627

Our work for cars with high mileage is M1 PARTICLE CLEANING MACHINE MANUFACTURING.
We have been researching and developing solutions for particle filter DPF problems for a long time. Based on our experience and the specific symptoms of your vehicle
we have developed a wide variety of options.
Cleaning begins with dissolving the soot by spraying special chemicals into the PARTICLE filter. The chemical spraying of carbon deposits M1 / ​​M2 / M3 starts
with the use of our M1 XA Machine.
Advantages: Application starts with protecting the Particulate Filter main structure. process  By steam  application provides up to 99.5% high efficiency, since it is applied while the vehicle is running, giving gas at 2500 constant rpm for efficient cleaning of all particulate filter pores: soot, ashes, carbon deposits, scraps.
Disassembling on Chevrolet Aveo particle cleaning with M1 XA Makina

Fast cleaning time of about 35 minutes. This method is formed by applying Particulate Filter with this solution. The ultrasonic in the wash solution creates pressure waves in the form of bubbles with bursts, and they break off contaminations on the surfaces of the washed filters with M1 / ​​M2 / M3 with chemicals.

Advantages: Vapor reaching everywhere It provides thorough cleaning of particulate filter channels. The soot formed by the compressed air coming from the engine removes ash, carbon deposits, scraps. high of engine
at speed, disassembly is started. 
Our PİRANA mixture applied with 100 mL Injection, which we developed in addition to the much richer M1 / ​​M2 / M3 chemical, also affects the increase in the temperature of the exhaust fume up to 400 degrees. In addition, M1 / ​​M2 / M3 chemical transfer begins. The work we do for cars with high mileage is progressed with the work we do every day. Washing of carbon deposits as a result of a M1 XA chemical completion is provided by our M1 XA Machine. Application of chemicals without removing the Particulate Filter. It provides advantage from time and workmanship.

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